All7 Productions has worked very closely with Fareham College this year to create their promotional videos. We can honestly day that, even though it took longer than we thought, we had a great time filming with the students and leasing with the heads of department.
All7 spent several months directing the media students, leasing with lecturers and filming on the day to create the perfect videos to promote the college. We really enjoyed the opportunity to share experience with the students and would definitely take the challenge again.

As the students project came to an end All7 had to take on the filming and editing to complete the videos. Fortunately we’re always up for a challenge so we went at it head first and completed the project in time.

We are glad to say that all of the videos are now live on the Fareham College website and they look great. Visit to view the full college video.

We remain to have a good relationship with the college and would love to be involved next year with the new videos.