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When All7 Productions began Fareham College were one of our first clients. Luckily we already had a strong relationship with the college so no introductions were needed. Our original task was to be director of the Media students promotional Video project. To finish their task I needed to go with them through the entire procedure from scratch including brainstorming and pitching the initial idea, organising shoots, filming and editing.

Unfortunately due to a lack of communication from some of the staff the students weren’t able to complete every video within the time frame given for their project. Fareham College still needed their videos so All7 Productions took over the entire project, filmed, edited and showcased the remainder of the videos. Including the full promotional video.


We at All7 Productions really enjoyed working on this project and would very much like to be involved next year. Hopefully to take the entire project on ourselves. All7 still remain in contact with Fareham College and have worked on a few video for them. Including their annual awards video.



Without any hesitation, they took the role in this project and produced some outstanding work. They understood the brief completely and the web developers were amazed by their talent and drive for perfection. They dedicated a lot of their own time into the project and the end result was outstanding

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