One of the things we have enjoyed most at All7 Productions is having the opportunity to introduce people to the life of freelancing.When we realised that freelancing was what we wanted to do, we wanted all of our friends to be involved! Since a lot of people we know are either videographers of photographers we try to give everyone the opportunity to showcase their work with us on projects.
We’ve managed to do this on a few occasions such as the Winchester Triathlon and Southampton Half, but we really would like to do this more! This is why, when hiring All7 a package including and extra camera man is usually introduced to the clients. Meaning the client gets more shots, I get more shots to work with and the camera operator get some valuable experience.  
One of our main goals is to slowly build our workforce with people we know or people who are really good at what they do. Just so we can build and expand on our business as well as helping anyone who needs it.