This year we campedĀ on the Shaftesbury estate to film the Grand Shaftesbury run alongside Pete Rawlinson Photography.

We truly enjoyed spending the weekend with the Trytri and Shaftesbury run team, which made the job easy. The weekend consisted of one day dedicated to Triathlons and one for Long distance runs.

The use of the drone was a great advantage to us as it produced some amazing footage and it was quite a task to film the swimmers from the side of the lake. The rest of the filming although was not quite as hard, unless you take in mind the amount of walking it took with all of our equipment.

After the first day we were asked to create a video covering the event to put onto the Facebook page, it may have taken quite a bit of time and we were editing while everyone else was having dinner but we created a great video within a couple of hours.

We are happy that we were able to create some great videos for the Trytri team and glad we got to experience what it was like to direct a large team of videographers.

We are glad to say that we will be filming at this event next year which we are definitely looking forward to.