Starting All7 Productions

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All7 Productions was founded by myself, Luke Parker. We at All7 believe that internet video is slowly becoming one of the most influential marketing tools for todays business. Which is why our team, and each professional we hire are experts at creating promotional videos for websites and social media.

My four years of experience in video and film production and the decision not to go to university lead to the idea of starting my own productions company, All7 Productions.

The first few months unfortunately didn’t go exactly to plan, but with help from family, friends and a £5,000 start up grant from the Solent LEP, All7 Productions has taken off.

With the money from the grant and a generous loan from a family member, we bought all of the necessary professional assets in order to appeal to more influential clients.

All7 has now been running almost a year and our progress couldn’t have gone better. We are slowly building our portfolio and a strong client base, including small and big businesses.

We are quickly building our portfolio and a strong client base, of which some people have become close associates with our company including 4of6 Photography, Daracle Photography and Reesleisure.

As the founder of All7 I had no clue how well we would do starting from scratch. It was a struggle at the start as most of the camera work and editing fell onto one person (Myself) but now we have a small team we can rely on to produce high quality professional work.

All7 have worked with a range of clients that have helped to develop both our businesses and have taken All7 Productions to places we never thought we’d go.

Thanks to Daracle Photograhy, All7 was hired for our first international job this June which was incredible experience, I am planning to write another post about this, but for now I am glad we can call ourselves and International Company!

Luke has achieved a great deal in a short period of time. His dedication and professionalism at such a young age is a credit to him, his family and his tutors. I am convinced Luke will go a long way and prove to be a great success in his chosen profession.Paul Weller
At the moment we are building our website with help from Phi-solutions, which will hopefully be live next month.

We very much look forward to the future of All7 Productions and hope to introduce many other enthusiastic videographers to the video industry by work experience and courses.

We have many short and long term goals for All7. One of the most important for us is being able to hire a regular workforce covering all aspects of video. I am currently contacting other professionals within the creative industry in order to broaden our horizons and offer clients professional expertise we do not currently possess.

I am planning on posting on my blog at least once a week covering everything I work on and why you need video to advertise.