All7 Productions & Trytri

All7 Productions never intended to be so involved with sporting events until we met the owner of Trytri, Chris Rees, at a young entrepreneurs event. The first event we worked on with Chris and the team was the Winchester Duathlon at Lainston House. We hadn’t really anticipated the amount of walking we would have to do but it gave us a good insight into what work would be like with Trytri in the future.



Since then we have become close associates with Trytri. We have filmed and edited all of their events since March 2015, accompanied the development of their YouTube channels and in some cases even help set up events the evening before. We are confident that we will remain their chosen production company for quite some time.

Below is another video covering the Good Fritri this year, runners from all over southern England attended and loved the event, it was a pleasure to capture it on film.


Check out more of Trytri’s videos at